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julia shaternik

A graduate of Belarusan State University in Minsk with a Masters of Fine Art, Ms. Shaternik began her professional art career eight years ago.  Currently a resident of New Jersey she emigrated from her native country in 2004. Ms. Shaternik has been painting since childhood and uses different styles to express her creativity.  Some of her works have been described as non-objective abstract while others fall into the neo-impressionism category. 

Compositions show elegant female silhouettes, musical instruments, flowers and all within the context of interior settings.  Her favorite media is oil on canvas although on occasion she uses acrylic.   Through her work she wants to draw the public’s attention to women’s role in creating art.  To her way of thinking, women are more than capable of bringing beauty and love to the world through art.  Her works have been exhibited in numerous museums both here and abroad and can be found in many private collections in the United States, Israel, Italy, and Belarus.

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