A renowned Belarusian sculptor and artist, Ales Shaternik graduated from Penza Art College in 1964 and Belarusian Theater and Art Institute in 1967. He works in decorative and monumental sculpture and in other media.  

Starting in 1960’s by exhibiting his works in
Minsk, his sculptures now appear in the collections of literally every major museum in his country, as well as in the museums of many other countries. 

In the early 1990's Mr. Shaternik started painting in oil and created a body of beautiful paintings “en plein air” with Eastern European landscapes in a neo impressionistic style.  He added a set of van gogh like paintings of Venice during this period.  In addition to painting and sculpting, he is an established poet.

Mr. Shaternik’s work is exhibited at the U. S. White House, State Tretyakov Gallery (The National Museum of Russian Fine Art) in
Moscow, Rutgers University, Zimmerly Art Museum in New Jersey, the CASE Museum of Russian Contemporary Art in Jersey City, and the International Stella Gallery in Paris, France.

In 2005 Ales together with fellow Belarusian artist Alexei Marachkin, created the famous bronze “Belarusian Freedom Bell”, which was temporarily confiscated by the country’s Dictator regime during the “Belarusian revolution” in the spring of 2006. 

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