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              Amber Room Treasures

“Amber Room Treasures” is a contemporary story of the art world with flash backs to World War Two. It is a “mystery/thriller” screenplay and is based upon the true story of how Hitler and the Nazi’s stole art work during the war.  The storyline also includes a search for the “Amber Room” which Hitler had taken from the Soviets near the end of the war, and to this date has never been found. This exceptional screenplay has won numerous awards and can be found on Amazon.com    


         Abduction At Dawn

It is just before dawn and a man disguised as a clown departs the Washington Metro station and begins a bicycle ride down the darkened street toward the home of Marine Captain Lester Jenkins.  The Captain is getting ready to leave for the Quantico Marine Corps Base where he will meet his fellow Helicopter crew members for the trip to pick up the President on the White House lawn.  He never makes it.                                  

Herman Gonzales, President of the United States, is about to leave Washington D.C. for the signing of the nuclear disarmament treaty in Brussels when something terrifying happens to his helicopter with him      aboard.    He never makes it.

Admiral Franklin Delano, graduate of the Academy and decorated long time military leader, is chosen to take the most sophisticated nuclear submarine ever built on its inaugural shake down cruise off the coast of Virginia.  The S.S. Alamos is a stealth sub which can't be detected by sonar or satellite tracking and can cruise at 75 knots. The Admiral leads a rogue band of disgruntled U.S. military in an attempt to stop the treaty signing.  They carry out a plan to kidnap the President and hold him hostage on the submarine, before he commits the U.S. to a total removal of the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

 Both the Coast Guard and Navy search teams fail in their initial attempt to find the President, but the missing Helicopter is located in deep water off the Maryland Coast. Compounding the search and rescue efforts is Hurricane Vincent, which is speeding up the East Coast. The Admiral and his rogue crew have not only arranged the kidnapping of the president but now threaten to launch a non armed nuclear ballistic missile at The Mall, very close to the White House and Washington Monument.  The exercise is to show what could happen to the U.S. if the treaty is signed.

 A cat and mouse game between the White House and the SS Alamos crew ensues as time moves along and the rogue military's threats become dangerously close to being carried out.  This riveting mystery tells a story of politics, the military, and what happens when the forces of the well meaning collide with the misguided intentions of an evil few.


          You Can Call Me Jay

What happens when two down on their luck “thirty something” guys meet a Jesus look alike in the desert? They embark on a week long journey and have experiences which turn their lives around and upside down.

 This contemporary comedy features Peter the actor and Matthew the techie,  who hook up with “Jay” and through a series of coincidental miracles [or are they?] find out that life isn't as bad as they thought.

Jay is a straight forward character who thinks he is Jesus…..and speaks only in biblical terms. He might be delusional, but his actions provide comedic relief to his two newly acquired friends.                    

The story follows the trio from camping out in the Southern California desert, to a rock concert and a run in with the Devils motorcycle gang; then onto L.A. and a Jewish wedding; plus a trip to Las Vegas for the Celebrity Look-Alike Contest; a bank robbery, plus some action scenes in two Hollywood movies.

The subtle humor becomes laugh out loud funny as the story winds up in an ending which features a group of most recognizable movie and television celebrities.

As actress Betty White commented……. “I read the screenplay and found it wonderful.  It is different from all the others and I love the characters. I especially liked the ending that let you draw your own conclusions.”


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