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Linda Ganus


"Artist Statement"    My work owes a debt to many past and present masters of figurative drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, although it is the result of a search for a modern and personal response to those masters and their traditions. The imagery in my work is usually recognizable and taken from our everyday lives and observations; at the same time, it is often juxtaposed in unexpected ways. Familiar but sometimes unsettling, there are references to the uncanny and psychological phenomena such as repressed dream wishes and the compulsion to repeat. Recurrent themes deal with issues of masculinity/femininity, ambition, longing, and our relationship to Nature as well as the nature of our own relationships.

In this series, “WUNDERWALD,” the forest stands as a metaphor for the tangled secrets of adulthood, rooted precariously in the perspective and memories of a child. Full of wonder, enticement and enigma, the forbidden figures meld with the ground of experience and waves of collective unconscious.  Cartoonlike and anthropomorphic drawing outlines are gradually and increasingly overlaid with impasto as experiences weave their tendrils throughout our encounters, connections and revelations, lacquered over with a sheen of nostalgia and selective amnesia

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