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                                                   "The Fartster"
This is a bizarre tale of a cute boy named "Cheeky" who was loved by his parents and friends, but oh so outrageous at times.  He tried to fit in, and just couldn't seem to find his niche.  One day something terrific happened, and well you have to read the story to find out!


                                   "So You Want To Be A Landlord"

Bringing a bit of levity and some basic knowledge to the sometimes insane world of investment real estate is dedicated to all the hapless landlords who on a daily basis live "Murphy's Law" [no relation to the author]. 
"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong....at the worst possible time!" 

The book is written with a bit of humor in the  approach to the serious subject of buying and managing investment real estate [rentals]. "So You Want To Be A Landlord?"  is for the person who might fit the description of becoming a "small town Donald Trump". This book is written for the hundreds of thousands of people who own a few properties or who want to venture into the crazy world of landlord/tenants. 

There are many upsides to being a landlord too. This book contains a number of suggestions on how to avoid the downside of being a landlord.  There are many pointers [other than paying taxes] just as noteworthy which may help you succeed as a real estate investor and reaching your objectives. Hope you enjoy reading this landlord guide, as much as I have in researching and writing it.  

         "Bunker Treasures"
This is a contemporary story about art work stolen during World War II and how it resurfaced sixty years later in various elite museums across the globe. 

The main character is a former West Point graduate who after meeting his service requirements, went on to become a successful art dealer.  After the death of his father, he became president of a new and heavily endowed arts foundation created with his father’s estate.  He was left only an old map by his father….and from it the story unfolds.  Currently he is under investigation in the South for having given stolen art work to a well established museum.

 The story traces how he came to possess the highly sought after and very valuable works of art.  The works in which the art foundation has given to a variety of museums, was sequestered away in an undiscovered WWII bunker outside a small Austrian village for the past 60+ years.  During his commentary, there are flash backs as he explains how he came into the discovery, and how he became to head an arts foundation which supplied this cache of art work as gifts. During the course of the story, he connects with a beautiful former German KGB agent, and is the target of an assassination attempt. 

           "Letters From Mother"
Letter writing, as in long hand on paper and mailed through the postal service, has become a lost art.

Today we either text on cell phones or email through the internet.  Perhaps years from now written communication will only be driven by voice commands. No longer will there be "handwriting" taught in schools, but just verbal communication between the communicator and the communication device.

What, you say, this already exists!  Well then, the letters written by Agnes Donovan Murphy contained in this small book might become more important than the author realized when "Mother Murphy" took pen in hand.

Aggie, as her friends called her, was a prolific letter writer.  She would capture in two or three pages everything going on in her world and with her extended family. The letters written to the author and displayed in this book are from a short period of time, 1978 to 1989 when Aggie was in her eighties and nineties.  Her mind was clear right up to the end of her life and her writing ability and desire to share the news, never ceased.

                     "Life, Love, Remembrances"   

A wonderful small book of the author's poetry illustrated by his original artwork with sections dedicated to living
life in its fullest; love and other tribulations; and remembrances of days gone by, birthday - wedding celebrations; and the final goodbye to those who have departed.

What happens when two "30" something guys named Peter and Mathew meet Jesus in the Southern California desert and take a week long trip together.  Coincidental miracles happen along the way plus a run in with a tough motorcycle gang, bit parts in a Hollywood movie, a visit to a Jewish wedding, participation in a Las Vegas Celebrity Look-A-Like Contest, and other experiences which turn their lives upside down and around.  Betty White loved it!



A rogue group of U.S military leaders kidnap the president and hold him hostage off the East Coast to keep him from signing away the country's nuclear defense system.  Their negotiation with the Vice President and Security Cabinet seems headed for a disaster as talks breakdown, and the media catches wind of the abduction.  "A mystery thriller which keeps the reader turning pages right to the frightful end."


A genius at inventions, E. B. Gallaher had a wish that upon his death,  his entire estate would help his Alma Mater carryout a project dear to his heart.  What happened to Gallaher's money is a mystery to this day.  This biography takes the reader back into time before electricity, automobiles, telephones, and all the comforts modern society enjoys.  It follows his early life when inventions were coming fast and furious and he was in the center of it all.


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